Collecting requests for Harrogate Hospital Radio

I have just finished my first stint at Harrogate Hospital Radio, where I have been collecting requests for tonight’s show.

There was a range of requests, from Nickelback to the sound track to the new John Lewis Christmas advert and there was even a request dedicated to a ward nurse who is getting married on Friday.

It is clear from talking to patients that the radio station has many listeners, and plenty were excited to get their requests played on the show. Really positive stuff.

The work of the ‘request collector’, as it says on the t-shirts they wear, is an important one because it gives people in the hospital a boost to hear a piece of music that is significant to them at a time when they are probably not feeling at their best. They also value meeting someone someone with a warm, friendly face who has taken the time to talk to them.

I also spent a bit of time in the studio trying to find the songs that were requested and some were easier to find than others. The station has a new system being installed, and the money for this was raised by the Dieting DJs, Scott Wall and Shaun Gill, who have lost over seven stone between them and were generously sponsored for the weight they lost.


About Andrew Jones MP

The MP for Harrogate, Knaresborough and Boroughbridge
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