Delivering meals with Harrogate Neighbours

I have just been delivering meals for the elderly with the Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association, through their Food Angels arm, and have met some wonderful people.

All the food that is delivered is freshly prepared and cooked at Greenfield Court by the Harrogate Neighbours team, and then a team of volunteers go out and deliver them to the home so that when it arrives the food is hot and nourishing.  And they do this every day.

We were delivering to some of the more elderly in our community, and it was clear how much they welcomed the arrival of the Food Angels. It was not just for the food, however, the visit and the company was also very important. They really do appreciate having someone take the time to come into their home and talk to them and set them up for what could be their only hot meal of the day.

I went out with a volunteer called Steve who has been delivering with the Food Angels since they started this arm of the Association and has built friendships with the people he delivers to and they are happy to see him.

Food Angels are seeing more and more demand for their service. It is easy to see why.


About Andrew Jones MP

The MP for Harrogate, Knaresborough and Boroughbridge
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