Harrogate Park Run – busy despite the weather

So to the last day of Volunteer Week 2012 – and to Harrogate Park Run.

Park Runs have started all over the country and the Harrogate Park Run is a relatively new addition to the Park Run family.  It was a short walk across the Stray from my home to meet the team of organisers, marshalls and scorers on a pretty murky and occasionally rainy morning.

It is quite a sophisticated operation and I was at the finish line as a ‘numbers assistant’ with Anne – one of the regular helpers.  Each runner downloads and prints a bar code before the run.  At around 9am the run starts and its 5 kilometres around the lower part of York Place Stray.

The were around 160 runners and finish times range from 16 minutes to 44 minutes.

As they pass the finish line each runner is given a barcoded tab which – combined with the barcode they printed gives them their time and position on the leaderboard.

Helpers can be of any age so there is absolutely no necessity to be a fitness fanatic or marathon runner.  And these events simply don’t happen without volunteers which – particularly on something like an organised run – is easy to forget.

If you want to volunteer with Harrogate Park Run then email HarrogateHelpers@parkrun.com and find out more by visiting their website at www.parkrun.org.uk/harrogate/home.


About Andrew Jones MP

The MP for Harrogate, Knaresborough and Boroughbridge
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