Harrogate Hospital Radio

Harrogate Hospital Radio was formed just under 35 years ago with the stated objective being “to relieve sickness, infirmity and old age amongst persons living in Harrogate by providing a local broadcasting service for Hospitals, old people’s homes and similar institutions, and in furtherance of these objectives to provide regular programmes of local interest to hospital patients”.

They provide music programmes for patients which include a high emphasis on requests via our team of volunteers who visit the Wards on most days. We also aim otherwise to play music which fits the age profile of our listeners.

Evidence of their success in appealing to patients and giving them comforting entertainment during their stay in Hospital is that the station is regularly the most listened to radio station available to patients. This is against competition from the four main BBC channels plus local radio. They also receive regular commendations from patients when our volunteers are visiting the Wards. In addition their efforts have received recognition from our parent body, the Hospital Broadcasting Association, via several awards for the quality of our programmes.

For more information visit their website at



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