Follifoot Disabled Riders Group: 9am – 12pm

For the first event of the week I will be volunteering at the Follifoot Disabled Riders Group at the Follifoot Riding Centre.

The group was set up by Julie Pedley, the owner of Follifoot Park Riding Centre, and founding Chairman, Rosie Towers, to offer disabled people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of horse riding and coach driving.

I will be helping out on rides at the centre, a couple in the pen and one along the Pannal Road. Each Rider requires three volunteers, one to guide and two to support from either side, that will be my job.

I will also get a chance to see the mechanical horse simulator, Stan, in action. I officially opened this facility in 2010 and it will be good to see it in use.

Harrogate Hospital Radio: 2pm – 4pm, 8pm – 10pm

I will be helping at the Harrogate Hospital’s radio station which plays 24 hours a day seven days a week.

I will start the day collecting requests from patients and staff on the wards, then go and process the requests – we have to make sure we have the songs.

Then I will be coming back in the evening to get a chance to present and play the requests that I collected earlier.

The Station is run completely by volunteers and after visiting it in the past I know how much their work is valued by patients and staff.



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